Emotional Caller: My Mum Doesn't Talk To Me After I Voted Remain

19 March 2019, 12:11

This caller broke into tears as she revealed that her mum and friends no longer speak to her because she voted Remain.

Jules lives in one of the most deprived areas of Sheffield, where the majority of people backed Brexit - and still do.

She told James O'Brien how she was shut out by her friends after voting to remain in the European Union.

James O'Brien listened to Jules' emotional call
James O'Brien listened to Jules' emotional call. Picture: LBC

Her voice cracking with emotion, Jules said: "I voted Remain and that is really scary to admit around here. It's terrifying.

"It's not like I could go out and talk to anyone in this part of Sheffield at all about that.

"I've lost friends. My mother won't speak to me.

"I voted Remain, but it's got to the stage where I keep it a secret."

She spoke about how she believes the right-wing press spread their propaganda by forcing newsagents to put the opinions on billboards prominent in their shops.

Jules' call was fascinating and left James O'Brien lost for words. Listeners were so touched by it.