Shaken caller at Star City cinema brawl calls for Blue Story ban

25 November 2019, 13:23

The caller was at the cinema with his children when the 'mass brawl' broke out at the Birmingham cinema.

The caller, who said he was "a bit shaken still", told James O'Brien that he was at Star City Birmingham watching Frozen 2 with his children when the brawl broke out.

He said, during the film, the cinema staff told everyone to evacuate.

Alex, the caller, said: "The one thing that I wanted to say was that I can fully understand that the cinema has pulled this film because it's something that they just cannot abide by."

James O'Brien replied: "But If a massive fight had broken out at Frozen 2, no one would be calling for Frozen 2 to be pulled from every cinema in the country, would they?"

James then pointed out that the film is rated 15 - so he couldn't understand why it is particularly problematic.

Alex said that banning the film at cinemas would make the point that "not going to stand for any of this".

Shaken caller at Star City cinema brawl calls for Blue Story ban
Shaken caller at Star City cinema brawl calls for Blue Story ban. Picture: PA

James O'Brien said: "They're punishing the directors and the actors of the film for the actions of some hoodlums on Saturday night in Star City, aren't they?

And you you approve of it being withdrawn because you wouldn't want anybody else to go through what you've gone through and it strikes you as the only obvious way that you could perhaps ensure that?"

The caller then said: "The whole situation just got completely out of control by the fans of the movie that Not like spoiling it for pretty much everybody else."

James asked how his children were after the incident.

He replied: "The youngest two, Riley and Lily, they all thought it was interesting what was going on. Tamara, the eldest, she's seven years old, she's actually been really shaken up by the whole incident."

Reflecting once again on the situation, Alex said: "Pulling a film just tells everybody that you can't go see these violent films."