Caller, whose sister had cancer operation cancelled five times, backs vaccine passports

20 July 2021, 17:55 | Updated: 20 July 2021, 18:06

By Sam Sholli

A James O'Brien caller, whose sister had her cancer operation cancelled five times due to the Covid crisis, explains why he thinks introducing Covid vaccine passports is "morally right".

Ben in Halesowen gave LBC his perspective, amid debate over the Prime Minister's plans to make Covid vaccination mandatory for entry into nightclubs and other crowded venues from the autumn.

Ben told James O'Brien: "Look, I think Covid passports are essential. They're inevitable. They always were going to be inevitable.

"I don't think it works with the comparison to ID cards. Covid is a totally unique event, James.

"And therefore it requires a totally unique solution. And, you know, we've had to make impossible possible.

Explaining why he thinks Covid passports are "morally right", he said: "My sister had her cancer operation cancelled five times...because the beds were going to Covid patients.

"The last time she was actually dressed ready to go down to surgery and the consultant had to come up and say 'I'm really sorry, we can't do it'.

"We're now in the experimental treatment phase's not end game so fingers crossed and she's fighting and we hope it will be OK. But the operation could have made a huge difference.

"Therefore it is morally right to bring in vaccine passports because the vaccine doesn't stop you getting it. It might not even stop transmission. But what it does do...[is] protect the NHS and also keep people out of hospital."

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