Corbyn Fan Levels Some Big Accusations At James

5 April 2017, 14:04

Charles says James is "part of the pro-Establishment fake Left" and fireworks follow...

Charles in Enfield phoned at the very end of James's show today after some unmissable debate about the future of Jeremy Corbyn.

"I don't want to fall out with you," said the caller, "but I'm afraid I have to accuse you of being part of the same media, pro-Establishment, fake Left - "

"Why would I fall out with you?" asked James. "I want to get you some medicine!"

Charles continued: "I can personally understand why Jeremy won't come on to your programme because he can probably see exactly where you're coming from."

"Yes, fact-based, evidence-based journalism."

And that was just the start of it, as Charles accused James of "over-emphasising the negatives".

"OK, so don't overemphasise the fact that he is the least popular major party leader in the history of the universe?" asked the LBC presenter.

"And who says that?"

"The British public."

"And who says that?"

"The British public," replied James. Again. Watch their full exchance above - and keep an eye on Shelagh Fogarty's reaction.