Coronavirus: James O'Brien baffled by Donald Trump's "lies" over Covid-19 tests

10 March 2020, 12:39 | Updated: 10 March 2020, 17:47

By Seán Hickey

It has been reported in the USA that there is an abundance of testing equipment for Covid-19, to which doctors have had to tell patients simply isn't true.

James O'Brien was reacting to the grasp the USA has on coronavirus and sharing the latest high brow coronavirus contractions by "congressmen who were in close contact with Donald Trump in recent days" and how they "have self quarantined".

The news came after a person at the US Conservative Political Action Conference tested positive for coronavirus and that some well known republicans, including former presidential candidate Ted Cruz are self isolating.

James saw the irony of the self isolation from people who poked fun at the hysteria of coronavirus and claimed that it "kinda sums up some attitudes towards this".

James went on to share the latest on the presidential response to coronavirus and stated simply that "Donald Trump lied to people".

President Donald Trump claimed that there are enough Covid-19 tests available
President Donald Trump claimed that there are enough Covid-19 tests available. Picture: PA

James shared that in a press conference, the president claimed that there was an abundance of Covid-19 tests in the USA. American doctors responded to the revelations by contacting the public and telling them "contrary to what the White House is telling you, we do not have enough tests".

Baffled by the situation, James said "you wonder why some of us have been warning for a while what would happen if you allowed liars not only to triumph but also to see their lies reported as reality", claiming that the coverage that news outlets such as Fox News give to unconfirmed statements from the president is irresponsible.

"You trust them if you want to" James concluded, showing a lack of faith in the powers that be in the USA.