US reaction to coronavirus: "One diagnosis closed the entire school"

9 March 2020, 14:43

How different countries deal with the spread of coronavirus has been a point of conversation- from the thorough quarantine in China to hand-washing in the UK.

James O'Brien was joined on the line by Gemma in New York, who was on hand to share her experience of how the American state was coping with the virus.

The caller immediately took James' attention, whereby she told the story of three of her children being placed in quarantine "under the direction of Governor Cuomo in New York".

Curious of how the USA is dealing with coronavirus, James asked Gemma to break the story down. The caller began with explaining that she "got an emergency text message saying school is closed" because a teacher was tested positive for coronavirus.

Shocked, James clarified that just "one diagnosis closed the entire school".

One diagnosis of Covid-19 resulted in thousands of students going into self-isolation
One diagnosis of Covid-19 resulted in thousands of students going into self-isolation. Picture: PA

Gemma went further to share another notification she received after her children were left at home. "Because there are more tests, everyone that was in the school is to self-isolate until March 16th".

The caller shared her distress after the news meant she had to subsequently take a fortnight off work and her "mother in law is a pariah because she was looking after my children".

James commended the policies of the New York government where he said that "you can sort of understand why" she would have to quarantine.