Doctor reveals to James O'Brien what could happen if Corbyn's NHS claims are true

27 November 2019, 14:34

This doctor revealed to James O'Brien what could happen to the NHS if Corbyn's claims are true and the government strikes up a trade deal with the US.

This is after Jeremy Corbyn said Labour has obtained uncensored documents which confirm the US is asking for the NHS to be "on the table" and will be "up for sale."

The caller Mo explained how Trump's commitment to put US patients first meant an increase in drug prices abroad and judging by the precedent the US has set with countries such as Japan, Mexico and Canada, UK would also be negatively affected.

He gave the example of Japan; they wanted to lower their drug prices and "the US Embassy intervened" so over time, and after many meetings with the Japanese prime minister, the government ended up "postponing" this intention.

"Because of the negotiations and the power the US has, they had to drop it," said Mo.

The UK would have to make a "significant concession" if it went into a deal with the US, said Mo
The UK would have to make a "significant concession" if it went into a deal with the US, said Mo. Picture: PA

Mo confirmed that in the UK we are lucky because once drugs have gone beyond their patent, such as Humira, other manufacturers can create them with identical content for the fraction of the price.

However in the US, drug company AbbVie have exclusivity over the drug Humira and any bio-similar drug - this means for a ten year period, "you cannot have a cheaper generic drugs coming into the Canadian or the Mexican market."

"There's absolutely no way there'll ever be a trade deal with the US without there being a significant concession on this matter," he said.

James clarified that that was according to precedent - "and just to clarify, every single one of those countries has come out worse than they went in with regard to pharmaceutical provision to patients."

Mo said: "Of course, 100%."