Doctor with Covid-19 perfectly explains why coronavirus testing is so vital

31 March 2020, 12:40

This doctor perfectly explained to James O'Brien why mass testing of coronavirus is so important to the fight against the virus.

The World Health Organisation has said the way to beat coronavirus is by "testing, testing, testing", but the UK is testing substantially fewer people than countries like the USA, Italy and Germany.

The US has done over 1million tests, compared to just under 135,000 in the UK.

James was asking why this number isn't higher and that's when NHS worker Danny called in to explain how testing would have helped him get back to work far quicker.

He self-isolated a month ago when he came down with suspected Covid-19 - but because he was unable to get a test, he can't confirm whether he had it again.

James O'Brien heard why coronavirus testing is so important
James O'Brien heard why coronavirus testing is so important. Picture: LBC / PA

Now, his wife has been diagnosed, meaning he has to self-isolate again, because he can't prove that he has already had it.

This means he is unable to work for the NHS in the battle against coronavirus.

The full call is very eloquent and listeners loved it.

Listen to the call at the top of the page.