Emotional Brexiter Told James O'Brien: "I Was Fooled, I'd Vote Remain Now"

18 September 2019, 14:55 | Updated: 18 September 2019, 14:58

This emotional caller who “drove people to the booth to vote Leave” desperately wishes he voted Remain as “any deal with America scares the life” out of him.

“I wasn’t just a passionate Leaver, I drove people to the booth to vote Leave,” said Daniel from Newton Abbot.

He said one of the big reasons he wanted to leave Europe was because they were pushing TTIP.

TTIP, The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, was a series of trade negotiations between the EU and the US which were launched in 2013 and ended without conclusion in early 2016.

James O’Brien clarified that TTIP was "dead and buried" by 2016, but continued that there was a lot of propaganda around suggesting that TTIP would “involve us carving up the NHS and selling it off to American interest."

Emotional Brexiter Told James O&squot;Brien: "I Was Fooled, I&squot;d Vote Remain Now"
Emotional Brexiter Told James O'Brien: "I Was Fooled, I'd Vote Remain Now". Picture: PA

The emotional caller said that he was “fooled” and wish he’d voted to remain, to which James replied that there was a lot of effort to persuade the public of TTIP’s merits by “clever, wealthy, powerful people”, and he shouldn’t be hard on himself.

Daniel said he’d now vote for Remain now because “any deal with America scares the life out of me.”

He continued that Jeremy Corbyn, while he wouldn’t normally vote for him, is the “only one offering a customs union”, which would “take any trade with America out of the question.”

James clarified that we could still trade with the US but we wouldn’t be compelled to accept their trading standards which are “lower” than those of the European Union.

“Your fears of us somehow being compelled to adopt American standards in various areas motivated your Leave vote, and the same fears today would motivate a Remain vote,” surmised James.

The caller agreed, saying “I don’t want TTIP under any guise.”