James O'Brien's Furious Monologue Over Boris Johnson Hospital Story

19 September 2019, 13:37

James O'Brien launched into a furious monologue on Jeremy Corbyn-backers who turned the story of Boris Johnson's hospital heckler into an online attack on a BBC journalist.

The Prime Minister was stopped during a visit to Whipps Cross Hospital by the father of an ill child, who berated him over the state of the NHS.

That heckler was later revealed to be a Labour activist, a fact that BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg tweeted about.

Left-wingers on social media then turned on Ms Kuenssberg, accusing her of bias and #SackKuenssberg was trending on Twitter. And it left James angry that the story was about that and not about a sick girl and the state of the NHS.

James O'Brien was fuming at the Corbyn-backers
James O'Brien was fuming at the Corbyn-backers. Picture: LBC

Summing up what happened, James said: "Man confronts Prime Minister. Man tells Prime Minister uncomfortable truths abut the state of this hospital. Prime Minister lies to man in front of cameras, caught on tape. Man turns out to be Labour activist.

"Fans of Prime Minister try to make this even bigger than the real story. They enjoy a moderate degree of success until a BBC journalist reports the fact of his Labour activism and suddenly, because they are stupid and dangerous, they then turn it into a story about a BBC journalist.

"The little girl lying in a hospital bed has been almost forgotten."

Explaining why he was so frustrated by this, he continued: "Ask yourself this question. Who today will be happiest that the little girl lying in a hospital bed has been almost forgotten? Boris Johnson's team - if you must see things in such terms - or Jeremy Corbyn's team?

"If you're on Jeremy Corbyn's team and you've spent the last few hours attacking Laura Kuenssberg on social media, congratulations, you've done the Prime Minister's job for them.

"Because we're not talking about the little girl lying in a hospital bed, we're not talking about the Prime Minister lying to the distraught father of the little girl lying in a hospital bed, we're not talking about the state of the hospital in whose bed the little girl in lying.

"We're talking about whether or not the Political Editor of the BBC should have phrased her tweets more carefully.

"And that is down to you, you clowns.

"You might as well have asked Dominic Cummings for a postal order for the ease and the facility with which you've allowed Johnson to duck accountability once again.

"What's the story here: The sick little girl? The stressed-out hospital staff? The underfunding, the under-resourcing, the lying by the Prime Minister?

"No, it's just about the bias of the BBC's Political Editor. You cretins."