Heidi Allen's Brutal Take On The State Of Conservative Party After Joining Lib Dems

8 October 2019, 12:03

Heidi Allen took aim at the "shameless" Boris Johnson after joining the Liberal Democrats.

The MP left the Conservatives to join The Independent Group - later Change UK - but since that split, she has joined the Lib Dems in a bid to stop Brexit.

Speaking to James O'Brien, she didn't hold back on her criticism of the Prime Minister.

She said: "I'm unsurprised at anything that Boris Johnson does because the only thing you can guarantee is whatever he's doing he's doing for himself and to ensure he stays in power.

"He will sell the country down the river. If populist policies and promising milk and ambrosia is what he thinks will get him elected, he's going to do that.

"Not only is it shameless, but it is not the level of strategic and national-interest thinking I would expect from a Prime Minister and he will get caught out.

"That's why this Remain Alliance will be so important when we come to a General Election as it is the antidote to making sure he doesn't maintain a majority. That election is coming."

James O'Brien spoke to Heidi Allen
James O'Brien spoke to Heidi Allen. Picture: LBC

Referring to her thoughts on the current state of the Conservative Party, Ms Allen continued: "The right-wing of the Tory party - it's like a hostile takeover.

"I got interested in politics in 2011 under the coalition when there was the influence of the Lib Dems under David Cameron at the time. Where has that party gone? Do you remember Compassionate Conservatives, One Nation Tories? They are a lesser-spotted species now.

"Philip Lee, Sarah Wollaston, Sam Gymiah... they decided also that the Lib Dems is the only hope for a fairer society that really talks for people."