A Simple Trick That Could Fix Your Broken Boiler In The Cold

2 March 2018, 17:03 | Updated: 2 March 2018, 17:22

As temperatures continue to plummet across Britain, this simple trick could get your broken boiler back in action - and save you money too.

The UK has battled snow and sub-zero temperatures this week as Storm Emma swept across the country.

The cold weather can cause havoc with boilers, with many of us waking up to no heating or hot water.

If this sounds familiar then you might want to listen to the advice of one LBC listener.

Michael in Falkirk, a gas engineer, revealed how many modern condensing boilers can pack up if the condensate pipe is frozen.

Snowy houses
Picture: PA

Although the caller conceded it was difficult to prevent through insulating, there was one trick you could try yourself.

“It’s normally a white pipe coming from the bottom of the boiler about the size of a 10p,” he said.

“You can just pull that down from the boiler usually, or if you have a little saw, you can cut it in half, put a basin underneath it and once the weather thaws out you can get somebody round to reconnect it.

“Quick, cheap, easy job.”

Watch the clip in full above for more details.