Internment Argument Crumbles After Just One James O'Brien Question

24 May 2017, 10:56 | Updated: 24 May 2017, 11:16

This caller is demanding internment of anyone the authorities thinks might be involved in terrorism. But his argument crumbled under just one simple question by James O'Brien.

Theresa May confirmed that the authorities were aware of Salman Abedi, before he killed 22 people in a suicide attack outside the Manchester Arena on Monday night.

Andy in Brentwood insisted the only way to keep us safe is to lock up everyone who is a potential terrorist, based on things they are known to have said.

But James had one question that Andy simply couldn't answer - what words would you lock people up for using?

"Give me the words that you should be locked up without trial for saying," James asked him again and again.

And when Andy eventually said "You know, people saying death to the non-believers", James pointed out that he has just said it, so perhaps he should be locked up with no trial too.

Listen to the fascinating conversation above.

Afterwards, James added: "When someone calls for internment, they are calling for concentration camps to be built on British soil, wherein British citizens can be locked up with no trial and no proof that they've ever done anything wrong."