‘It’s like a ventriloquist sacking a dummy for saying the wrong thing’: James O’Brien lambasts the PMs dismissal of Chancellor

17 October 2022, 16:45 | Updated: 17 October 2022, 16:52

James O'Brien blasts Liz Truss' dismissal of Kwasi Kwarteng

By Hannah Holland

In this scathing monologue, James O'Brien claims Liz Truss can add 'disloyalty to idiocy and cowardice' on her prime-ministerial CV.

Narrating the Prime Minister's rise to prominence, James O'Brien began by highlighting that Liz Truss “got away with murder during those hustings”.

He added: “The promises she made - this is where is gets interesting - she then kept.

“I don’t know that anyone was expecting that to happen so quickly. She kept them all."

James then described how Kwasi Kwarteng stood up, with Liz Truss’ “fingerprints all over his speech” and “kept all of the promises she made to become Prime Minister and did so within days of getting through the doors of Downing Street".

“From one angle this is great - this is politicians actually keeping their promises. This is politicians actually doing exactly what it says on the tin."

Continuing, James said: “In one way, it’s a good thing because the promises she kept were a pile of poo. And they did exactly what Rishi Sunak said they were gonna’ do and sent the pound into freewill and the markets into retreat."

“And all of this was fewer than four weeks ago… fewer than 28 days ago.”

James then moved to “the current chapter” which saw Liz Truss “jettisoning the man who kept the promises that made her Prime Minister."

Liz Truss sacked Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng after the mini-Budget received significant backlash. The Prime Minister swiftly announced his replacement as Jeremy Hunt, who was eliminated in the first ballot of the Tory leadership bid.

In a major U-turn, Jeremy Hunt today confirmed that all of the tax cuts announced in the original mini-Budget are to be reversed.

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Poking fun at the Prime Minister’s confusing actions, James added: “I’m Liz Truss, I made loads of promises. Kwasi Kwarteng, who nobody voted for to become chancellor, then stood up and kept all the promises that I made."

“It’s all gone horribly wrong, therefore Kwasi Kwarteng, here’s the door.”

“You can just add disloyalty to idiocy and cowardice in the list of things at the top of Liz Truss’ prime-ministerial CV”, James said.

He added that “she replaces him with Jeremy Hunt” who then “within days of getting the job, announces the abandonment of every single promise she made to get elected and then kept”.

“With the plan being what? To keep her in the job?”, he asked.

“Or to just literally leave her sitting in the corner, like little Lizzy Horner, no longer allowed to influence anything, utterly removed from the reigns of power, prime minister in name only, a cipher in the decision-making process, an irrelevance around the cabinet table.

“Whilst Jeremy Hunt, arguably one of the worst secretary of state’s for health we’ve ever had, while Jeremy Hunt is charged with restoring stability to the markets, to the economy.”

James asked: “What was his master plan for restoring stability? What was his master plan for rescuing the situation? What were the original ideas he came up with that nobody had ever come up with before?”

“Well, there weren’t any”, he answered before adding, “he very simply undid everything that she did. Everything.”

“It’s like a ventriloquist sacking the dummy for saying the wrong thing. The dismissal of Kwasi Kwarteng.

“It’s like Keith Harris sacked Orville because Orville said something that didn’t go down very well with the audience.”

James said, “And now Jeremy Hunt is there. You don’t need a ventriloquist anymore because he’s doing whatever the hell he wants and she can’t touch him.”

“So who is currently governing the country? Who’s in charge?

“Answer - not Liz Truss, who doesn’t have a mandate anyway but was at least elected by the members of the Conservative party who fell for her nonsense about Brexit and lapped up all her promises to do exactly what she did which brought the country to it’s knees.”

“From every imaginable angle, this is a destruction, a corruption, a demolition of almost everything that matters”, James lamented.

“The bloke essentially in charge is the first bloke to be shown the door by MPs when he threw his hat into the leadership ring just three months ago.

“And he’s now in charge.

"He is essentially holding Liz Truss hostage. She sits in there, holding up a copy of today’s Times, begging for the ransom to be paid.

“But there is no ransom that can be paid because she is toast. She is over. She is finished”, James concluded.

“And all of this, every single syllable of this, was entirely and utterly unnecessary. Every single bit of it was avoidable.

“But became inevitable when we decided that reality didn’t matter, that unicorns did exist and that the sunlit uplands of Brexit were just over the horizon.”

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