The James O'Brien call on Covid conspiracies branded 'stunningly enlightening and sad'

26 July 2021, 11:29

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

LBC listeners branded this call on Covid conspiracy theories 'stunningly enlightening and sad,' 'absolutely spot on,' and 'fantastic.'

After an anti-Covid vaccine passport protest at the weekend garnered media attention when speeches likened NHS doctors and nurses to Nazis, James O'Brien tackled the issue on his show.

One caller, Ivor told James he was "absolutely right" to discuss the issue of people being radicalised by conspiracy theories.

The caller said, "we need to have more of them."

He went on to reveal he had "lost a relationship" with both his brother and sister and his relationship with one of his parents is "hanging by a thread."

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On Sunday protesters gathered in Trafalgar Square, London as part of the Worldwide Rally for Freedom demonstrating against the vaccine passport, Covid-19 vaccination for children and a raft of other coronavirus restrictions.

They also blame 5G for the coronvirus problems as well as questioning whether the whole covid pandemic is a hoax to control the people.

Explaining why he believed there needed to be more conversation about those taken in by Covid hoaxes, he told James "those people need to go through what they go through."

Ivor explained these conversations needed to happen to "protect ourselves."

"There are thousands of families up and down the country right now that are feeling the embarrassment and the shame and the sadness that my family has felt for years over this."

Explaining for many families these issues have "predated the pandemic," Ivor said the rise in Covid conspiracy theories have "exacerbated the conspiratorial woo-woo and nonsense they have been feeding on for many years."

Ivor explained it was the combination of a global pandemic, "a digitised public square, the ability to be able to go online, and within minutes feel like you're part of a global community that is, real and exciting and huge and change is just around the corner."

Branding it "catnip for the conspiratorial mind," Ivor said the sad part was that he understood why people found it compelling.

During a moving and emotional call, Ivor explained his history and some of the conspiracies he had grown up with.

This led to James thanking the caller and apologising with a heartfelt message.

"I'm so sorry that you're qualified to contribute in this way."

James wasn't the only one moved by Ivor's call, LBC listeners took to social media to praise the caller and the importance of hearing from people like him.