James Calmly Shuts Down Anti-Islam Rant

15 July 2016, 13:01 | Updated: 26 August 2016, 13:04

James O'Brien tries to make sense of caller Paul's furious, vitoriolic attack on Islam in the wake of the Nice attacks.

Asked by James what his reaction to the Nice terror attacks would be, Paul didn't hold back in his anger: "We need to close the mosques, we need to ban the Quran, we need to recognise that Islam is a terrorist movement.

James stayed calm despite those extraordinary suggestions and pressed Paul to explain how that would work in practical terms.

"So we're burning books now and closing places of worship, but all these people will still be here Paul, what are we going to do with them?" asked the LBC presenter.

When Paul claimed that Islam was the only religion that sparked violence, James was quick to correct him.

But it was his continued pressure on Paul to explain how you would implement an effective ban on Islam that showed just silly the caller's arguments were.

James finished the call with this message to Paul: "I'm glad we've both stayed calm.

"You mate are doing their work for them. You're dong the work of the terrorists.

"In a way, it's hepful for us to hear it so bold and so cold.

"In answer to my question of what you're going to do with these people, you have absolutely nothing. But you don't really care Paul as long as the hatred is there.

"You sir are a hate preacher."