James Left Teary-Eyed As Father Breaks Down Over Manchester Arena Attack

23 May 2017, 12:59 | Updated: 23 May 2017, 13:30

James O’Brien was left teary-eyed as he comforted a 50-year-old father who broke down recalling the joys of taking his teenage daughter to concerts.

Keith watched Ariana Grande with his offspring in Birmingham last week and when he saw what had happened on the news yesterday evening, he began to cry.

Children were among the 22 killed in last night’s suicide bombing in the Manchester Arena - another 59 people were injured.

Footage from inside the concert hall shows the panicked audience, surrounded by pink balloons used during Ariana Grande’s performance, rushing for the exits after a loud explosion was heard.

In the emotional call, Keith explained how seeing the events on the television on Tuesday made it all feel very real.

He told James: “We were 20ft away from Ariana Grande and all the pink balloons fell. I saw those pink balloons [on the news] and I started to cry.

“I started crying, I absolutely started crying at those balloons.”

Keith went on to explain how he bought his daughter a souvenir t-shirt at the gig last week which had the popstar’s tour dates on it, including Manchester.

The caller added: “The reminder is just going to be devastating for her, she’s in school at the moment but I know she’s just going to be devastated.”

James, who was under stable taken back by the heart-wrenching conversation, offered his comfort to the fellow dad.

He noted: “She is, but she’s got you, she’s got her mum, there’s light at the end of her tunnel.”

Watch the pair’s emotional chat above.