James O'Brien caller: 'Most Americans only have a diet of right-wing politics'

6 November 2020, 13:38

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment a caller from the US told James O'Brien that most of the country "only have a diet of right-wing politics".

The exchanges comes after TV networks last night interrupted a speech by President Trump to fact-check statements he made.

In his speech, President Trump told White House press corps that he would "easily win" the US election if "you count the legal votes".

Martin from Connecticut told James: "I would say shame on the TV stations for only now questioning the veracity of Donald Trump's statements.

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"If they'd been doing that four or five years ago, we may be in a different situation. But they just saw that as great TV and they played along with it all the time.

He added: "In addition to that, Rupert Murdoch is the poison in this country as he is in the UK, along with other major TV owners [and] conglomerates.

"Most of this country, they only have a diet of right-wing politics frankly...That's all they have.

"I've travelled all over the country and I've been horrified at what I've seen on local TV stations in the morning and on the press and in the newspapers."

Martin then told James that the first US President he ever voted for was Bill Clinton and claimed he "has never really been forgiven" by certain US states "for going out there and supporting minorities".