James O'Brien grills caller who attempts to defend JK Rowling's trans comments

20 December 2019, 13:53 | Updated: 20 December 2019, 14:01

This caller told James that JK Rowling was correct to suggest trans women are not biologically the same as women, but James took issue with the reasoning behind her argument.

"Women have been very kind we are we are saying trans women are women - okay, that's fine - but we have to draw the line and biology is the line," the caller said.

"I'm so glad JK Rowling has helped us draw that line, because we're oppressed because of our biology. Women around the world are oppressed, because they are biologically women."

Author JK Rowling tweeted yesterday defending a woman who was sacked for claiming that it is "impossible to change sex".

James concluded: "So how do we define biological womenhood? It means you were built in a way that allows you to produce eggs and give birth except hundreds of thousands of women can't. But they're still women, because maybe if the dice rolled differently they could have done.

"I think the trans argument would be, well, the dice did roll very differently for me, and I can't do that, but I am a woman. So that's the bit I struggle with."