The James O’Brien Caller Who Voted Brexit Because Of Three-Pin Plugs

17 December 2018, 11:02 | Updated: 26 March 2019, 11:49

James O’Brien and LBC listeners alike were left in disbelief when this caller said he voted Brexit because he wants Britain to retain the three-pin plug.

Robert from Rochester originally phoned up LBC to rail against the idea of a second referendum.

It's as Theresa May prepares tell MPs later that a so-called People’s Vote would risk undermining voters' trust in democracy.

The Prime Minister will also say it would do "irreparable damage" to the integrity of British politics and divide the country even further.

James O'Brien's caller says he voted Brexit because of the three-pin plug
James O'Brien's caller says he voted Brexit because of the three-pin plug. Picture: LBC

James asked Robert what he thought he had won by voting to leave the European Union.

“We won a deregulated country”, the caller replied. “We can strip away from the EU laws we don’t like.”

When asked for an example, Robert continued: “One of the ones for me is the plug system - I know it’s not very hugely [sic] but we obviously use the three-pin in this country. The EU don’t.

“So basically it means our safety aspects are a lot stronger than the generalisation of the EU.”

A bemused James responded: “But we’re in the EU? So you think we have to leave the EU to get three-pin plugs?”

And when James didn’t get an answer, he added: “What can we do now with plugs that we can’t do as members?… What did you win?”

Robert said: “Compliancy to British law. So when you bring something into this country, it has to comply to the UK.

James hit back: “That’s what happens already, that’s why we’ve got three-pinned plugs.”

Watch the full call above.