James O'Brien Calls Up Listener Who Texted Saying He Was Happy James Was So Wound Up

5 October 2018, 15:15

An LBC listener texted in saying he was "glad" James O'Brien was getting so wound up over Brexit. This is what happened when James called him back.

As James was discussing the study by the Institute for Fiscal Studies which said that working class men would be the most affected by Brexit, Chris texted in to say: "I'm glad it's winding you up so much".

James was fascinated by why Chris was so pleased about this... so he called him up and Chris was willing to go on air.

James O'Brien in the LBC studio
James O'Brien in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

Chris said: " It's because you've been spent three hours today talking about it, James. Every single time Brexit comes up, you spend your time running it down."

When asked what the positives of Brexit are, Chris responded: "We will be able to make our own rules in future, we'll be able to run our country the way we want to run it and we will have curbs on immigration, not that I'm against immigration."

But James said to him: "But you've just been told that people at the lower end of the pay scale will lose their job completely and you've texted in to say you're glad. So tell me why you're glad."

What followed was an increasingly tense discussion that listeners loved.