James O'Brien comforts tearful mother who felt ashamed complaining about food parcels

12 January 2021, 14:28

By Sam Sholli

This is James O'Brien's powerful message to a tearful mother who "felt ashamed" to complain about the quality of food parcels she had received.

Rosie from Epsom told James that she had previously been a recipient of £15 school vouchers but was then forced to accept food parcels instead.

Although Rosie expressed gratitude for support she had received, she did say she "felt ashamed to complain" when she received the parcel.

She also said she has now "stopped picking them up" because her son won't eat the food inside.

James told Rosie: "You should not feel grateful. We pay our taxes because it could happen to any single one of us.

"We do not feel grateful for the safety net that we all pay to provide. I pay my taxes, not just to help you and your boy but to help my girls if they ever find themselves in need..."

He added: "The bond that we have with the Government is not a bond of gratitude. It's a bond of representation and a bond of delivery.

"So I'm sorry. But I don't think you should feel grateful. This is your right as a resident of this country to have your child fed by a state that has let him down in so many other ways."