This Caller "Ticked Almost Every Single Box" On The "Greatest Hits Of "Corbynism"

30 July 2019, 13:21

James O'Brien pointed out to this caller that he was coming out with almost all of the "greatest hits of Corbynism"

Shaun from Horsham said he hasn't always a Labour voter, but he started to become more political "around the outsourcing of public services" and Private Finance Initiatives.

But when it comes to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn he's a big fan.

In a call that has to be watched to be believed, James pointed out to Shaun that he was almost coming out with "the greatest hits of Corbynism."

James O'Brien said the caller "ticked every single box."

James O'Brien was speaking to an ardent fan of Jeremy Corbyn
James O'Brien was speaking to an ardent fan of Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: LBC/PA

Listing the things the caller had come out with, James said he had "attacked former Labour staffers like Campbell, attacked Jo Swinson, attacked the media, attack this, attack that.

"Claim it's a remainer party when the leader says it isn't, any response at all to criticism of Jeremy Corbyn or the suggestion that he should be doing a hell of a lot better by now.

"Yeah, it's not his fault."

James finished by branding Jeremy Corbyn the "Shaggy of British politics."

Watch the whole exchange in the video at the top of the page.