James O'Brien defends Boris Johnson's Olympic Park bike ride

12 January 2021, 12:20

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment James O'Brien said he doesn't think the Prime Minister did anything wrong by cycling seven miles from Downing Street over the weekend.

Boris Johnson was spotted in the Olympic Park on Sunday afternoon, cycling with members of his security detail.

He has been accused of hypocrisy for travelling so far from his home after imposing sweeping Covid restrictions on others.

Official regulations brought in by the PM say that exercise is limited to once a day and you should not leave your local area.

Speaking of the incident, James said: "I don't think, as things stand, he has done anything wrong."

He added: "Even if the bicycle was thrown into the back of a van and driven to the Olympic Park, I think sometimes you've got to remember that he is the Prime Minister."

James continued: "He can't just pop down to Hyde Park for a quick game of Croquet...He needs to exercise.

"I think his obesity was one of the reasons why he suffered so badly from the virus...Boris Johnson needs to keep fit.

"Keen though I am to castigate him when any honest opportunity presents itself or any valid opportunity presents itself, even keener must we be to avoid the temptation of castigating somebody dishonestly or insincerely."