James O’Brien Asks Royal Expert: What Does Prince Charles Think About Brexit?

1 November 2018, 13:02 | Updated: 1 November 2018, 13:12

James O’Brien attempted to find out what Prince Charles really thought about Brexit, from the man who spent 18-months following him.

Royal commentator Robert Jobson recently spent a year and a half alongside the Prince of Wales as part of a new book.

In what was a fascinating interview, Mr Jobson gave an incredible insight into life inside the Monarchy.

“The Prince of Wales is effectively leading,” he said.

Robert Jobson joined James O'Brien on Thursday
Robert Jobson joined James O'Brien on Thursday. Picture: LBC

“Her Majesty is 92-years old and in this book I reveal that she is considering at 95, if she is still alive and well, that she will pass the reigns to him.

“Not in an abdication, that’s not going to happen, but in the form of a regency.”

But what does Prince Charles make of Brexit? James attempted to squeeze out an answer.

Prince Charles
Picture: PA

“I think that he is out there busy for the Foreign Office as a soft power,” Mr Jobson replied.

“He realises there is not a lot we can do but we’ve got to have trade with other nations.”

In the above clip, Mr Jobson speaks about the Iraq war, and what Prince Charles would have said to Tony Blair if he was King.

Watch it above.