James O'Brien in disbelief as authorities tell caller to "accept" flooding house

18 February 2020, 12:41

This caller told James O'Brien that because water levels have risen in general, his "new normal" is being told by authorities to just accept the constant flooding in his house.

"This isn't freakish or out of the ordinary," agreed James, "this is the new normal. You've got all this water in your cellar and all of the potential health problems that can come with that."

Matthew from Haxet shared that he's lucky as he lives in high ground however his basement is 2 inches under water now. This is because of the increased water table level which has affected the whole region.

"It's not going to go away, it's something to get used to," said Matthew, telling James he is contemplating filling in the flooded basement due to high risks of mould and therefore illness.

James said it's "chilling" that at the start of the call he thought Matthew was the lucky one as he is on high ground but even he is affected as the water is rising from underneath.

"If you lived in London do you think you might be getting more help from the state?" asked James.

"Possibly, we're one of those little villages that get one bus a week," said Matthew.

James said he was glad to get calls like this to raise awareness and pop his bubble of "metropolitan elite."