James O'Brien caller flummoxed on whether to have her father's wake after lockdown update

31 July 2020, 14:49

By Fiona Jones

This caller has her father's wake next week - she told James O'Brien she's flummoxed about whether it should go ahead after Boris Johnson's latest lockdown announcements.

Wedding receptions of up to 30 people will not be permitted but ceremonies can continue to take place, Boris Johnson has announced today - however he made no reference to funerals.

Beth's father tragically passed away on 29 June and his funeral is on 7 August.

"We've got a wake booked for afterwards for 30 people because they said it went along with the wedding reception for 30 people.

"But now the Government have obviously changed the rules with regards to wedding receptions but haven't said anything about wakes," Beth said, telling James it has been such a frustrating time arranging a funeral anyway, and this lack of clarity has added to it.

James regretfully suggested that wakes would not have any different ruling to weddings.

"The only thought I did have is obviously at weddings you have dancing and singing," Beth suggested, although she doubted this would make a difference.

James pledged to do his utmost to find out the answer for her as soon as he could.

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