James O’Brien Nails Why Jeremy Hunt Is Still In A Job

15 January 2018, 12:18 | Updated: 15 January 2018, 12:36

You never thought you’d hear James O’Brien say Jeremy Hunt is “doing a good job”. He did today, but it was far from a compliment.

James O’Brien said there can be no other explanation as he discussed the issue with a caller.

“Can I run something past you? he asked, before adding “I think I worked out Jeremy Hunt this weekend.

“I think he’s actually doing a brilliant job”.

There was a pause before James embarked on a scathing attack of the Health Secretary’s approach to the NHS.

James said: “There must be something that he is doing well, but what he’s not doing well is waiting lists, operations, morale, transparency, explanations and patient satisfaction.”

James and Jeremy Hunt
Picture: LBC/PA

His conclusion was that Jeremy Hunt is “not there to turn the NHS into the pride of Britain, he’s there to soften it up.”

James said the Health Minister is very good at “fire-fighting” and getting rid of criticism.

He claimed Mr Hunt has alienated an “entire generation of future doctors”.