James O'Brien On The Hypocrisy Of Diplomacy

8 December 2016, 11:28 | Updated: 8 December 2016, 15:38

James O'Brien Reaching Up

James O'Brien wants to know why Boris Johnson telling the truth about Saudi Arabia is being described as a "diplomatic incident".

The footage shows the Foreign Secretary saying that a lack of leadership in the region was allowing Saudi Arabia and Iran to fund and support wars in the region.

This is despite the Foreign Office's stated position that Saudi Arabia is a valued ally.

"Boris Johnson has accused Saudi Arabia of abusing Islam and acting as a puppeteer in proxy wars throughout the Middle East," says James. "I don't even think accused, this is the point, isn't it?

"He has described, accurately, Saudi Arabia.

"But this is potentially a diplomatic incident because they spend so much money in ours arms bazaars that we're not supposed to upset them. Despite the fact that they routinely kill people for being homosexual, don't let women drive cars and insist that half the population walks around with their face covered.

"Just think about the world we live in - that's a diplomatic incident?!"