James O'Brien's theory on why Royals aren't wearing uniforms at Prince Philip's funeral

15 April 2021, 11:56

By Fiona Jones

James O'Brien shares his theory on the real reason the Royal Family will not wear military uniform at the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral on Saturday.

It means the Duke of Sussex will not have to face being one of the only close family members who is not in uniform at Saturday's service.

Harry lost his honorary military titles after deciding to step down as a senior working royal.

Reports also suggest that the Duke of York was considering wearing an admiral's uniform, however he did not reach this rank during service.

Andrew also stepped down from royal duties over his friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in 2019.

James posited: "If I say Royal military service to you...generally speaking, the first person you would think of is Prince Harry."

He cited the "beautiful moment" when Harry was in an interview, heard an alarm, tore off his microphone and ran towards his fellow servicemen.: "He, to me, seemed like a proper soldier."

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James continued, "I think Prince Andrew's service in the Falklands as a helicopter pilot, that's the real deal, but he didn't rise to Admiral through his quality of military service.

"Poor old Prince Edward had a crack at joining the Royal Marines, didn't work out very well for him. I don't think Princess Anne did anything - and Prince William essentially flew search and rescue helicopters in Wales, albeit under the auspices of the RAF.

"If I say royal military service to you in April 2021, who do you think of first? Yeah exactly, it's Prince Harry."

He continued: "So how ridiculous would it look if he's the only there not in a uniform? 'I want to dress up as an Admiral, Mummy', said Andrew. 'Oh Andrew, please sit down', said Her Majesty the Queen."

"That's why it's happened because the Queen has surveyed in her wisdom this strange state of affairs and she has concluded that it would just look daft for the only member of the Royal Family that people automatically associate with the army to be the only member of the Royal Family not in a military uniform at Prince Philip's funeral."