James O'Brien Presses Sadiq Khan Over Labour's Worst-Ever Polling

4 July 2019, 11:37

Sadiq Khan attempted to defend Jeremy Corbyn after James O'Brien grilled him on Labour's worst polling numbers ever.

Today's YouGov poll puts the Labour Party in fourth place on just 18%, despite the chaos caused in the government at the moment.

James told the Mayor of London that it is down to the leader and his Brexit position in which he is trying to please both Leave and Remain camps.

But in a tense discussion on Speak to Sadiq, Mr Khan insisted the leader had his full backing.

When James said it was dire, the Mayor responded: "It is. The normal answer I give is that the only polls that matter are elections. But actually we've had a recent election where we did very badly.

"It's really important the national party realises the only way we can improve people's lives is by winning elections and forming a government. It's important to understand what voters are saying and I've knocked on many doors and many voters said to me that about Brexit is that our position lacks clarity. I'm pleased there's been some movement on that."

James O'Brien grilled Sadiq Khan about Labour's worst-ever polling
James O'Brien grilled Sadiq Khan about Labour's worst-ever polling. Picture: LBC

James insisted that wasn't convincing and said he wouldn't believe Mr Corbyn if he came out for Remain.

Mr Khan's response: "Even critics of Jeremy Corbyn will accept that he believes in Labour Party democracy and if the Labour Party's national position is one where they support a public vote and if there's a referendum, they'll be campaigning for Remain, that will be the position of the national Labour Party.

"And one of the jobs Jeremy will have to do is convince people like you and Alistair Campbell who aren't persuaded, why they should trust Jeremy Corbyn's position as leader of the Labour Party. He sees the same polls we see."

James wasn't sure of the Mayor's response: "You sound at your least feisty when you're seeking to defend Jeremy Corbyn.

"I can see in your eyes an anger with some of the accusations laid against you with regards to knife crime or linking religion to getting rid of those body shaming adverts on the London Underground. I see a sincerity there.

"I don't see if when you're talking about Jeremy Corbyn."