James O'Brien Swiftly Dismantles A Creationist Caller's Prejudice Against Transgender People

11 September 2017, 14:19

Natalie had told James that "God doesn't make mistakes."

A Christian family are preparing to sue their children’s Church of England primary school, and have withdrawn both of them from class, because it allowed a boy to wear a dress.

Natalie from Uxbridge called James to voice her disagreement with allowing the boy to wear a dress, citing her Christian faith.

Natalie said she was a creationist, and that God doesn't make mistakes
Natalie said she was a creationist, and that God doesn't make mistakes. Picture: LBC

James said: "Because you believe that Adam is made of clay, and then God took a rib out of his chest and built Eve.

"And then they had children and their children bred together. That's brothers and sisters having children together, and because you believe in that you think that transgender is un-Christian."

The caller replied: "I'm saying that God doesn't make mistakes when he makes the male and female. That's all I'm saying."

"No you're not," James said. "Because you're basing that observation on a belief system that's fairly formal and codified in the old testament.

"And it involves the children of Adam and Eve having sex with each other and having children, so your belief system endorses familial incest but rejects transgender?

"It's just interesting what you're comfortable with and what you're not comfortable with."

Watch the hilarious conversation above.