James O'Brien takes on caller blasting Meghan and Harry for 'bolting' to US

16 February 2021, 11:19

By Fiona Jones

James O'Brien takes on this caller who condemns Prince Harry and Meghan for 'bolting' to the United States despite the UK "investing so much" in them.

Caller Dee told James that her and friends were "overjoyed" when Prince Harry married Meghan and were "so disappointed" when they left the UK.

James said it is "hardly surprising" they have left England due to the abuse received in the media, which James outlined in Monday's show by comparing headlines about the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex.

He commented that he "wouldn't stick around" if the papers published a letter to her estranged father, an issue over which she won a legal battle just days ago.

"I think they would have done much better as a family had they have stayed," Dee said.

James asked: "So it's their decision to live where they want to live that's upset you?"

"They've bolted and I think I was really disappointed they did this because we invested so much," she said, "we wanted them here.

"I thought it was a happy story that sadly ended."

James pointed out he still thinks it is a happy story, after the publicised a "beautiful" picture where they announced they are expecting a second child.

"I'm disappointed that they actually left having had that magnificent wedding with the whole country embracing them," Dee said, to which James said that this was "simply not true."