James O'Brien's Brexit Call From Fan Of Commonwealth Leaves Listeners In Hysterics

18 October 2019, 11:38

This caller told James O'Brien that we should leave the EU and concentrate on trading with the Commonwealth - and then complained that James was being too smart when he explained why it wouldn't work.

As James discussed whether Boris Johnson's Brexit deal is good for the country, John called in to say that we may be leaving the EU, but should be talking about doing deals with the Commonwealth instead.

James pointed out that the countries he's referring to - Australia, New Zealand and India - are a really long way from the UK and therefore are simply not as convenient as Europe.

When John said India has the potential to be a huge trading partner, James pointed out: "There's a shop at the end of your road and an enormous shop in India. The size of the shop in India doesn't make it more convenient than the shop at the end of your road."

John labelled that "non-sensical" so James tried a change of tack: "Just run me through the 1994 EU-India Co-operation agreement."

James O'Brien heard from a caller who wanted more trade with the Commonwealth
James O'Brien heard from a caller who wanted more trade with the Commonwealth. Picture: PA / LBC

John complained: "You're being smart again."

To which James responded: "I know... it's so annoying isn't it?"

But it was the end of the call that listeners loved the most - when someone knocked on John's door while he was live on air.

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