James O'Brien's Covid story that will "stop you in your tracks"

6 January 2021, 15:35

By Fiona Jones

When asking why the UK borders still have not been closed to travellers almost a year after the pandemic, James O'Brien tells an anecdote that will "stop you in your tracks."

The Government has announced that mandatory Covid tests for UK-bound travellers are set to be introduced, and passengers affected by the new rule will need to show a negative test certificate before entry.

Reflecting on this, James asked why this measure is being enforced yet the UK's borders are still open - and without any obligatory quarantining - almost a year after the pandemic hit the country.

"Why do you think almost a year after this virulent, virulent pandemic which is tearing our country apart, why do you think we're still debating the wisdom of controlling our borders?" James asked.

He told listeners he had no clue, positing a logistical reason, a financial reason or an economic reason as the potential answer.

James said that his wife was doing a live interview with Australian television and before she spoke, the newsreader said that three coronavirus cases had been found in the state of Victoria, an area housing over 6/5 million people.

This is the country, James pointed out, where if you want entry you have to spend two weeks in a hotel and have "tests galore."

"With complete honesty, my wife replied, 'We've had more than that on our street' in the last 24 hours," James said.

"I know it might be crass or simplistic, but that has to be a reflection on border control. Why do you think we still haven't done it?"