James O'Brien's Hilarious Exchange With Caller Who Branded Facts "Fake News"

6 July 2018, 11:49 | Updated: 6 July 2018, 12:12

This is the comical exchange between James O'Brien and a pro-Trump caller who branded facts as "fake news".

Jazz in Crawley was so furious with the inflatable baby Trump protest next week that he told James he is going to fly his drone into it to pop it.

James had a simple question for his: "Why are you so angry about a balloon?"

James O'Brien asked why people are so angry about a balloon
James O'Brien asked why people are so angry about a balloon. Picture: LBC

Jazz said: "I'm going to get my drone out and fly it right into it."

James asked which day he was going to do it, to which he responded: "I don't know, whenever the balloon goes up. I don't know what day it is."

That led James to ask him: "So you're cross about a balloon going up on a day you don't know?"

But it was when James listed a series of perfectly good reasons why people might want to protest against Donald Trump - from locking children in cages to admitting to sexually assaulting women - that things got really funny.

You HAVE to watch the exchange at the top of the page.