James O'Brien's Reaction When Caller Wants "Planned No Deal"

25 September 2019, 15:18

Watch James O'Brien's reaction when a caller says the UK should have a "no deal Brexit with a plan."

The caller Nicholas continued that he wanted an external plan after no-deal Brexit:"Trade deals, organised possible trade deals with other countries like America, China, South America.

James said: "You think we'll be a stronger position as a relatively low-manufacturing nation with 50 million potential customers in it than we would be as members of the largest trading bloc in the world with 500 million potential customers? Come on, mate, this is just counting."

James asked if Nicholas really thought there were trading deals outside of the EU which were superior to our current ones.

"That, mate, is just nonsense, sorry," said James and made the point that the government are "boasting about" trade deals with places like South Korea "which might be where you're getting your enthusiasm from."

No trade deals are superior to EU deals, says James O'Brien
No trade deals are superior to EU deals, says James O'Brien. Picture: PA

He continued: "You look more closely to them and they're inferior to the trade deals we already have with these countries as members of the European Union."

"Can I ask you a rude question and you won't get cross with me? Who did this to you? If you had to point at one person in public life who's led you to this position that you're in now which, through no fault of your own, is ridiculous."

The caller replied no one specific, just media outlets. He then said he believes politicians are doing things the wrong way, such as Boris Johnson suspending parliament.

Boris Johnson prorogued Parliament to keep people like you on side
Boris Johnson prorogued Parliament to keep people like you on side. Picture: PA

James said: "He had to do it in order to keep people like you on side and subscribing to the belief that there's somehow something good down the road. The minute he starts having to answer questions he has to admit that the emperor will be standing there stark-rollock naked."

"But if he can shut down Parliament, people can still pretend that there's beautiful clothes, they just can't tell us where they are yet, or that 'I have got a girlfriend she just goes to a different school', or that 'there is a solution to the British border in Ireland, we just can't tell anyone what it is yet'.

And by shutting down Parliament and depending upon the slavish deceptions of most of the right-wing print media, we can keep the idea alive that there are some beautiful robes just down the road after, to use your own words, a slight collapse, the beauty of the emperor's robes will become clear."