James O'Brien's solution to get people wearing face masks

15 July 2020, 10:59

By Fiona Jones

This is James O'Brien's solution to ensure the public all wear face masks.

James cited a Tokyo reporter who said, "Going out in this country without a face covering is like going out in your underpants."

James clarified that this was not a green light for Britons to leave the house without trousers, "obviously the intimation is that this is frowned upon."

He said we should turn wearing face coverings into an issue of decorum and public policy.

"Whenever anyone says I'm not going out without a mask, you translate that into I'm not going to wear any clothes below my waist and it puts an entirely different complexion on things," said James.

He cited the Naked Rambler who favours hiking in the buff and is repeatedly locked up for outraging public decency.

"It's similar, isn't it? Why should he have to wear underwear in public? Well outraging public decency is surely a lesser offence than potentially killing someone.

"So the idea of face coverings not being compulsory is laughable," James said.