James O'Brien's Take On Why People Hate George Soros

29 October 2018, 12:46

James O'Brien theorised that George Soros' gravest offence is that he's good at making money, and doing it transparently.

Leading on from a discussion on the origins of anti-semitism and latterly the nature of fascism, James said that "politically, the argument always has to be 'if you want a healthy economy you have to give more tax cuts to billionaires and you have to stop making them pay for poor people'..and then they inject huge amounts of money into shady organisations that masquerade as think tanks."

James mentioned that people had tried, allegedly, during Brexit "to manipulate the results in order to make a killing on a shorted pound."

Whereas James points out that "Soros has done everything wide out in the open and he's done it much, much better than they have, he's worth about 8 billion quid and he spends his money trying to help people less fortunate than he is, and he's a turbo-charged democrat".

"That's why they hate him, and the Jewishness of course then just becomes a very, very useful tool with which to attack him".