James's Perfect Response To Caller Who Blamed All Muslims For Terrorism

30 November 2017, 11:44 | Updated: 30 November 2017, 11:45

This caller told James O'Brien that all Muslims were complicit in terrorism and we need to take action. But James had the perfect response.

James accused Donald Trump of committing an act of terror yesterday by retweeting three anti-Muslim videos from Britain First Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen.

Michael in Chelmsford called James and told him he hated seeing women in full face veils and the actions of the Saudi Royal family - both of which James completely agreed with.

But when he put all Muslims in the same box, James had to step in.

Michael said: "I am concerned about the Muslim population in this country that there are more supporting things that would be on face value.

"It would be nice for the general public to see the Muslim community being more proactive about weeding out their bad apples. We don't see that and that's where the concern lies."

But James pointed out: "You're determined to hear support for the idea that we should be more terrorised. And the best way of doing that is by taking loads and loads of innocent Muslims and telling them that they are somehow responsible for terrorists, they're somehow responsible for atrocities.

"They're no more responsible for it than you are.

"You want people to be more terrorised. And so do the terrorists."

James O'Brien had an excellent response to this caller
James O'Brien had an excellent response to this caller. Picture: LBC

So James had a simple question: "Do you want people to be more or less terrorised?"

Michael responded: "Less terrorised."

And James told him: "Well, that's your choice. You can choose right now to be less terrorised.

"And the way to start would be to not claim that all Muslims are somehow complicit in acts of terror. And then, immediately, you'd be confining your anger and your fear to people who commit acts of terror and not people who sell you milk in the morning, do your accounts or drive you home at night after a skinful.

"Because they are all Muslims and they've got no more to do with terrorism that you have. So you're on the same side as them."

Listen to Michael's call in full below