James: We're Watching As Trump's America Turns Into North Korea

23 January 2017, 10:43 | Updated: 23 January 2017, 11:13

James O'Brien Angry Hands

As the lies continue to come from Donald Trump's White House, James wants to know what separates his administration from that of Kim Jong-un.

After Trump's spokespeople coined the phrase "alternative facts" in relation to how many people attended last weekend's inauguration, James couldn't believe what he was hearing.

It led to wonder what the difference is between the new President and the North Korean dictator. So James drew a simple comparison:

"Imagine if, in that last travel bulletin, Joanne Webb had told you that the M1 is absolutely clear and you can fly through it faster than a hot knife through butter.

"And then you were actually on the M1 and you were sitting in stationary traffic. What would happen?

"Or if I told you: 'No, it's lovely out there. Seriously if you haven't gone out yet, go out in shorts, don't forget your sunglasses. It's absolutely toasty right across the United Kingdom.' What would happen, when the evidence of your own senses prove to you that I was lying? Nothing happened. This is fascinating isn't it?

"I think it's as if we wait for an international police force of truth to say no no no no no. We can do spin and there's always a little bit of fibbing on both sides, but to claim that black is white, to claim that two plus two does not equal four, I'm afraid you've just set off the alarm and you going to have to stop. There is no alarm, which is why I think he's going to get away with it.

"We are watching the descent of America into a comparable relationship with information and truth that you see in North Korea. And what's astonishing is that we should have had all the weapons to stop it from happening."