James Sums Up Why Britain Is Miserable In Three Simple Points

12 December 2016, 14:46 | Updated: 13 December 2016, 11:03

James O'Brien on why Britain is unhappy

James O'Brien was at his passionate best as he summed up why Britain is 'miserable' in three simple points.

London School of Economics has released research claiming good mental health and relationships are the 'key to happiness'. 

The 200,000 responses to the study ranked depression and anxiety as the biggest cause of unhappiness, and being in a new relationship saw the biggest surge happiness. 

Today James passionately explained why he thinks Britons are unhappy in three points: "Number one: Victims of an unfair system portrayed as responsible for their own plight. 

"Number two: Actual income freezing or going down, but us not noticing because we can get a sofa on tick or a 110 per cent self-certified mortgage. That tide has gone out now.

"Number three: You know what it's going to be, it's the greatest hit, number three, 'look over there, blame them, quick'. 

"Don't look at the state of your mum's care at the end of her life. Don't look at the contents of your own pocket. Don't look at the relationship between your income and your outgoings, look over there it's a Muslim." 

James added that money will never buy happiness. He went on: "If you've got enough money, just enough, you should be happier. But you're not because enough is never enough."

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