Auschwitz 75: Listeners brand this the "greatest ever" James O'Brien call

27 January 2020, 14:21 | Updated: 28 January 2020, 12:59

This Jewish survivor's story left James O'Brien lost for words - watch the call listeners have said was the greatest he'd ever taken.

Lily from Kensington is a survivor as she and her mother were saved during the German occupation of Poland by a German civil servant. Her and her mother were the only survivors of her family as sadly she had lost her brother and her father.

Lily shared how she managed to escape from the ghetto at 11 years old to prevent her mother having to return after a day of slave labour; in mid November in thick snow Lily was wearing a cardigan, pyjamas and slippers, and the female civil servant at her mother's work took pity on them both and took them in.

A Greek Catholic archbishop then hid the pair in the convent and throughout the war was responsible for saving the lives of 150 Jewish orphans.

She told James she wanted to honour the "extraordinary ordinary people" that helped to save lives such as "giving a tiny piece of bread to a child."

"People like that should be glorified but there is no such medal...these people deserve everything," Lily said, however those people do not want praise and "fought with their heart."

Watch the incredibly moving video above.