This Ordinary Voter Sums Up The State Of Politics So Well

24 February 2017, 12:19 | Updated: 24 February 2017, 12:25

James O'Brien Curious

"You've just unravelled British politics...we can all go home now!" Neil in Sheffield absolutely floors James O'Brien with his brilliant take on the state of British politics in 2017.

"I'm from an area where the Tories historically would never get a vote," started Neil, "But people are doing it now.

"They're voting for things what they don't agree with. But they're voting because there's no alternative.

"You've got a list of leaders and they're ticking off the ones they can't go for, because they've got something wrong...and then Theresa May is left at the end of every list."

That observation knocked James for six: "You've just unravelled British politics in 2017."

Neil continued: "You've got people, when you're in conversations, you hear people go 'I can't go for Corbyn, he's an idiot. I can't vote for Miliband, I can't take anything he says seriously. I'm not voting for Nick Clegg because he's just a liar...I'm not voting for Nigel Farage because he's just a joke.'

"So everybody that's an option to vote for, they've all got a reason why working class northern folk can't vote for them.

"It's like jumping off a cliff. If you jump off a cliff with Theresa May, you're definitely going to break your leg. If you jump off a cliff with Jeremy Corbyn, you might be dead.

"So we'll go with Theresa May because we're only going to get a broken leg."

And there was plenty more insight from Neil, so much so that James suggested he might take over the show: "This is the call that should go viral this week."