James O'Brien Pinpoints Why Leave Voters Are So Angry Right Now

11 December 2018, 16:54 | Updated: 11 December 2018, 16:57

The worst thing you can do to somebody who lies to themselves is to hold a mirror in front of them, says James O'Brien.

James doesn't think Brexit would have unfolded any differently to how they have.

In fact, his last big prediction was that the UK would end up deciding between no deal or no Brexit.

"And again the angry brigade would argue that that was a ludicrous prediction and it's absolutely outrageous, and we'll get a deal because they need us more than we need them," he said on his LBC show.

"And now as it's coming closer to fruition, the same people will argue they wanted no deal all along."

James O'Brien in the LBC studio
James O'Brien in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

"So if you lie to yourself, there's not a great deal I can do except keep pointing it out.

"And the worst thing you can do to somebody who is lying to themselves is very quietly, and affectionately, and calmly, hold up a mirror in front of them and make them look in it.

"You're looking in the mirror and you are raging at what you see."