Police Officer Comes Home "Shaking With Tiredness" Says Mother-In-Law

5 July 2019, 12:39 | Updated: 5 July 2019, 13:05

A caller tells James O'Brien that her son-in-law is receives "all sorts of awful remarks" and comes home "shaking with tiredness" after working days and nights as a serving police officer.

Suzanne called James to talk about the experiences of her son-in-law, a serving a police officer.

"I just see a very tired, compassionate, diligent, young man who goes out there and does his best and comes home absolutely shattered, has a few hours sleep and then is back on nights," she said.

But cuts to the police and difficulties within the job aren't the only thing that Suzanne said her son-in-law had to deal with.

She explained: "I see him come home, this young man with shadows under his eyes, shaking with tiredness and trying to look after his family and trying to cope with the demands of the job, being subject to all sorts of awful remarks.

"He may be queuing in a coffee shop to get some lunch, because we all need to eat don't we?

"He'll get disparaging remarks like 'have you got something better to do than be here'."

James replied: "That's people again being led by the nose because The Sun will routinely have a photograph of a police car parked outside a coffee shop claiming that they could somehow be out solving crimes rather than obeying basic biology and eating.

"I genuinely think the media has created those criticisms by printing these disgusting pictures and getting columnists and punters to turn the public against public servants."