James O'Brien's Powerful Monologue On Tribalism In Politics

23 September 2019, 15:05

James O'Brien delivered this storming monologue about how Brexit voters have ended up in a position where they would forgive Boris Johnson for anything.

James spoke to two callers who both said that they believe Boris Johnson is the only politician who will deliver Brexit - and that means they will forgive everything else he does.

The discussion came as James was asking why the story of Boris Johnson using public money to take a former model on foreign trips during his time as Mayor of London. The Prime Minister declined six times to comment on the report in the Sunday Times.

James said he simply couldn't understand how people have ended up in this position.

He said: "It is nothing to do with Boris Johnson's story. It is simply a story about Brexit.

"People said they voted leave, so they're going to have to defend him, or reluctantly acknowledge that he's my man. I don't know when this happened."

James O'Brien had some strong words over political tribalism
James O'Brien had some strong words over political tribalism. Picture: PA / LBC

After telling the story of how people expected him to try to defend Brendan Cox over allegations of sexual harassment, he added: "You somehow presumed that when Jo Cox's widower was found to have behaved unacceptably in a previous job, I would go on air and defend him.

"I stared at these tweets and thought how have they done that to you?

"How have you ended up not only acknowledging your own moral corruption, but desperately reaching for the idea that everyone else is as corrupt as you are?

"Because nobody could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and keep my vote. Nobody."