Production Line Manager At Nissan Who Voted Leave Calls James O'Brien

4 February 2019, 12:51 | Updated: 4 February 2019, 13:39

This man became one of James O'Brien's favourite callers - the Production Line Manager at Nissan who voted Leave to make Britons realise how important the EU is.

Wesley works in the Nissan factory which was supposed to be manufacturing the new X-Trail car, but the car company decided to build it in Japan instead.

James believes that Brexit is partly to blame for the decision, but far from the only reason.

Then Wesley called and made James think about things in a new light.

His job is not going to exist in a couple of years' time once manufacturing is moved. But because he has a German passport, he is likely to keep his job and be relocated to a European facility.

Of course, the other people in Sunderland whose jobs will disappear will not get that chance.

Wesley was one of James' favourite callers
Wesley was one of James' favourite callers. Picture: PA / LBC

James summed up the call: "I told you everyone was agreeing with each other today, they just don't necessarily realise.

"Wesley agrees with Patrick Minford, who suggests that a hard Brexit, crashing out, will entail the destruction of the car industry.

"But he works in the car industry, which means he's working with people as a Production Line Manager in Sunderland who are sitting there supporting Jacob Rees-Mogg and his mates while simultaneously denying the economic rationale that Jacob Rees-Mogg and his mates use for touting crashing out with no deal.

"I can't go anywhere else. But Wesley can. So he is.

"And in order to make us wake up at some point in the next two or three decades to how daft it is in the modern world to try to impose a 19th-century notion of nation states, he's voted Leave and he's cracking on to Germany. With a job."