"Project Fear Is Now Government Policy", James O'Brien Tells LBC

2 August 2019, 14:03 | Updated: 2 August 2019, 14:10

James O'Brien comes out with the perfect analogy to explain how British politics has into the current state as "project fear" becomes "official government policy."

James O'Brien said that "project fear" was now official government policy, "spending billions and billions of pounds to offset the impact of what they all called project fear is now official conservative government policy."

James said it was an amazing swing, "except it hasn't been a swing" that it was a "very slow creep."

He said that when things happen slowly then you don't notice them, "you suddenly wake up one morning and everything's changed, but it's happened incrementally, day after day."

James came out with the perfect analogy for the state of British politics
James came out with the perfect analogy for the state of British politics. Picture: LBC

Coming out with an analogy, James said "when grandma comes to visit and points out how much the kids have grown, and you go 'no they haven't, they're the same size they were yesterday' but of course grandma hasn't seen them for a couple of months, or for three months or for more.

"So for her they've really shot up. That's what's happened to British Politics."

James said because it's happened slowly people didn't notice.

He said that the "project fear stuff" was what they were "spending billions of pounds trying to offset."

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