James O'Brien's proof the UK is doing less than its fair share for migrants

10 August 2020, 15:17 | Updated: 10 August 2020, 15:24

By Adrian Sherling

After hearing from people that the UK is doing more than its fair share for migrants, James O'Brien had some facts and figures for them.

A Royal Air Force surveillance plane is supporting Border Force officials in the English Channel this afternoon.

A dinghy carrying 20 people was stopped this morning, after hundreds of others made the crossing from France over the last four days.

That led to calls from people demanding they are sent back and that France need to do more. James then proved that France are doing more. Much more.

He said: "The numbers just don't support the rhetoric.

"France currently processes about 80,000 more asylum applications than we do. So what does that mean when we turn around and say France must do more?

"The argument that we do more than our share appears to me to be the most dangerous one of all. We do considerably less than our share.

"We don't even do what Greece does and economically-speaking, Greece is on a much less firm footing than we are."

James O'Brien had some facts for people who say France should do more for migrants
James O'Brien had some facts for people who say France should do more for migrants. Picture: LBC / PA

James pointed out that our agreement with France over migrants is part of our membership of the EU, so that will expire at the end of the year.

And he pointed out: "Do you feel that you should have been told in 2016 that voting to leave the EU would give control of our borders, on the issue of asylum seekers in dinghies, to France?"